You have many options when choosing an LED lighting supplier. So how do you decide?
Quality products are a great start, but you need much more than that when you are trusting a supplier to deliver on your vision.

We urge you to consider the importance of all 5 of these factors:

1. Quality Product Lines

  • Comprehensive product lines that include ribbon, fixtures, controls, flexible LED panels,
    and power supplies
  • Indoor and outdoor products
  • A history of proven quality
  • High efficacies
  • Tight binning

2. Project-Focused Creative Thinkers

  • Creative thinkers with the ability to listen and understand your vision, and then deliver
    innovative solutions that bring your vision to life

3. Custom Capabilities

  • Ability to customize products in-house to ensure quality and allow for faster deliverables

4. Superior Customer Service

  • Service from customization through installation
  • Responsiveness

5. Innovation and Passion

  • Engineers that are constantly developing new solutions that push boundaries
  • A dedicated team of people that love their art and are eager to problem solve

We’re confident that when you consider all of these factors you will put your trust in Omnilight, like so many others have. We will work hard for you every day from specification through installation.

Give us the opportunity to help with your next project, and you’ll see why Omnilight is much more than just an LED lighting supplier.

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